HARBOUR® ATS does so much more than provide both the Candidate and the Recruiter a better user experience - but we think that's a great place to start all the same.

Key features

With Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consideration at its core, HARBOUR® ATS also delivers an unprecedented quality of applicant source information so you can work out your real ROI and not have to guess at the integrity with which applicants answer where they think they saw your advert. We don't believe you'll find any other product that can match the level and ease of dynamic configuration you're empowered with, it's fast to deploy and very competitively priced. HARBOUR® ATS truly represents the next generation of ATS.

Auto-sift questions to virtually eliminate time-wasters

Build sift questions into your online application forms dynamically, so that inappropriate applicants are immediately highlighted so that you can regret individually or en masse, with or without further review.

This feature is deployed on all levels of HARBOUR® ATS.

Working alongside, not swamping, your email account

All your communication will be run from the ATS and your own personal dedicated recruitment email address, meaning no more overloaded inbox. Instead, you'll get regular updates emailed to you when there's new activity to review. And if you want to backup all communication to your email folders, then, on the Complete & Enhanced ATS versions, that's very simple to set up.

A candidate experience as it should be

When you've paid good money to attract the right attention from job seekers the last thing you want to be doing is turning them off by an ugly, clunky or poorly delivered job search and/or application experience. Sure you'll still get applications, but aren't the best candidates often those with least time and more options, the ones who will simply leave your process rather than struggle through? Your Employer Brand experience shouldn't stop when a candidate selects "job search" or hits "apply" - which is why we have built our solution so it's flexible enough to look exactly how it should look: seamless.

Create bespoke application forms for each requirement

Why lose out on some of the best candidates by forcing them to jump through inappropriate hoops in a "one-size-must fit-all" application form? With HARBOUR® ATS, you can create application templates and amend as appropriate to each job's requirements – or build a new form easily from scratch.

This feature is deployed on all levels of HARBOUR® ATS.

Intelligently built to deliver better intelligence

You need to know with certainty where your candidates – especially those you ultimately offer or hire - came from, so that you can accurately evaluate your Cost Per Hire (CPH) and identify which media or channel gives you best Return On Investment (ROI). HARBOUR® ATS ensures that you can track this with unparalleled integrity through our Job Array Posting™ functionality – the days of hoping that a candidate knew where they came from or otherwise losing cookie based tracking information on the candidates' journey are now a thing of the past.

This feature is deployed on all levels of HARBOUR® ATS.

Working with the web as it is today and will evolve into tomorrow

Candidates want to access information and interact with recruiters and potential employers in an increasingly diverse number of ways as the Internet continues to evolve at lightning speed. HARBOUR® ATS is therefore set up to help you tap into your target talent, wherever they are. All jobs are posted to Twitter as a matter of course (which generates over 44,000 job searches a day without costing you a penny), and we can integrate your job pages with LinkedIn and Facebook to maximise all social media opportunities.

Twitter posting is available on all levels of HARBOUR® ATS – other levels of social media integration are only available on more enhanced versions.

A back end like a front end

These days, the internet really spoils us in terms of delivering rich and intuitive experiences when interacting with websites, so our expectations of what it should be like to work with an online system have understandably gone through the roof. Ugly systems immediately create mental blocks and barriers for users. We've approached our admin/back-end as if it was the front end of a web site, calling on design expertise to ensure it's engaging and intuitive – not just some development team's idea of "functional".

This feature is deployed on all levels of HARBOUR® ATS.

Search engine optimisation

A visible profile within Internet search engine results is no longer just a nice-to-have; it's an increasingly critical part of attracting appropriate traffic and managing your online profile. To put it simply, we don't believe that there's a better facility out there in terms of Recruitment SEO than HARBOUR® ATS.

This feature is deployed on all levels of HARBOUR® ATS.

Which might be right for you?

  • instant

    HARBOUR® instant ATS

    An entry-level but still very comprehensive product, probably best suited to SMEs without an ATS in place.

  • campaign

    HARBOUR® campaign ATS

    Ideal for a company wanting to dip their toe into the ATS water - or if you have an urgent requirement.

  • base

    HARBOUR® base ATS

    Modest but consistent recruitment requirement - but want something that will grow with you?

  • engage

    HARBOUR® engage ATS

    Have a clear idea of what an ATS can do for you & want to start building up speculative applicants?

  • complete

    HARBOUR® complete ATS

    As an established medium-large business you know all about tapping internal talent - let's create a job board on your intranet.

  • enhanced

    HARBOUR® enhanced ATS

    Ezine publishing to maintain a constant employer brand presence, plus PSL integration.

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