HARBOUR® isn't about "one size suits all" solutions. With flexibility and configurability built in as standard it can be whatever you need - for your recruitment requirements today and for how they'll evolve tomorrow.

ATS products

Each requirement we work on - and each client we work for - has its own unique set of challenges. It might be the size of organisation, complexity of existing recruitment process set up or some system that must be integrated with along the way - but that's what makes life interesting. We won't force a one-size-fits-all approach that only suits us – but when considering features you might need, it helps to see a clear example of how we generally package these up.

HARBOUR® ATS products – functionality specification
  instant campaign base engage complete enhanced
Front end
Logo yes yes yes yes yes yes
Copying existing website design no yes yes yes yes yes
Job search functionality no yes yes yes yes yes
Send-to-a-friend yes yes yes yes yes yes
SEO'd job pages yes yes yes yes yes yes
Jobs posted to twitter yes yes yes yes yes yes
Page Alias capability (offline ad tracking) no yes yes yes yes yes
Candidate save & return no no yes yes yes yes
Back end
Unlimited live jobs no
(max 5)
yes yes yes yes yes
Expired job archiving no no yes yes yes yes
Job description template creation no no yes yes yes yes
Application form builder yes yes yes yes yes yes
Sift questions yes yes yes yes yes yes
CV & additional doc upload yes yes yes yes yes yes
Automated email acknowledgment yes yes yes yes yes yes
Email templates for mass comms yes yes yes yes yes yes
Interview scheduling yes yes yes yes yes yes
Job Array multiple media tracking yes yes yes yes yes yes
Media response MI reports yes yes yes yes yes yes
Line manager review no yes yes yes yes yes
keyword searchable ATS DB no no yes yes yes yes
Equal opps tracking & reporting no no yes yes yes yes
Job alert facility (email & RSS) no no yes yes yes yes
Speculative Applicant Pool no no no yes yes yes
SMS facility (job alert &/or communication alert) no no no yes yes yes
Job board posting no no no no yes yes
Company Intranet Job board creation no no no no yes yes
PSL management integration no no no no no yes
Ezine publishing facility no no no no no yes
Core Additions
CMS upgrade available no yes yes yes yes yes

HARBOUR® ATS - instant

HARBOUR® ATS - instant

A real entry level product, probably ideal for SMEs without an ATS in place. Want to prove there's a better way than working through your inbox and spreadsheets? Begrudge paying a Recruitment Consultant to do that initial sift just because you're worried about being swamped with response or otherwise sending you “their selection” of CVs at anywhere from 15-25% salary? Start to realise the true efficiencies of eRecruitment.

For just £430 (plus VAT) HARBOUR® instant ATS gives you 3 months of branded ATS functionality, set up within 24hours (Monday-Friday).

  • Up to 5 live roles at any time.
  • Create your own auto-sifting questions.
  • Templated, but still personalised, candidate emails.
  • Interview scheduling facility.
  • Reporting to tell you which media really came through for you.

And this facility can of course be extended beyond the initial 3 months.

(See it in action for: orionecare.real-job.co.uk/; SITA)

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HARBOUR® ATS - campaign

HARBOUR® ATS - campaign

Perhaps you've got a careers page on your website but you don't have that many jobs and always thought an ATS would just cost you too much to give any worthwhile return on investment. Or perhaps you have an urgent requirement for recruiting multiple heads that needs a different approach and efficient processing. Maybe you have an ATS and it just can't give you the speed of turn around for something you want to do differently (or it'll cost too much to make it viable).

HARBOUR® campaign ATS will exactly mirror your web page designs, provide a search function if you're running a number of jobs on the site, a Page Alias feature that will aid in tracking any offline advert response and you can also easily get input from a line manager without deluging their inbox with CVs. All the other standard HARBOUR® ATS features of course make this a comprehensive level of the system, but generally we'd anticipate this having a 3 or 4 month shelf life for most requirements (although of course extending that isn't a problem).

To find out more about HARBOUR® campaign ATS, get in touch.

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If you're after a full time solution but don't recruit all that many positions, or perhaps need to build the business case for how such a system would provide demonstrable return on investment without spending your entire Recruitment budget before you've even started, then HARBOUR® base ATS is a very complete starting point.

We're confident that you'll find the system pretty intuitive, but of course we'll work with you to understand your particular set up requirements and then make sure that all core users are comfortable with how to get the best out of it (not that we'll ever just "leave you to it"). With a repository for you to upload your Job Description templates and the email communication templates you can personalise you'll be amazed how easy it is to use and you'll quickly see the benefits in terms of speed to get your jobs online, get candidates completing appropriate application forms and find out with unparalleled certainty which media channel is working best for you, as well as monitoring Equal Opps information across your recruitment process. And with a simple facility for interested visitors to your site to sign up for appropriate job alerts to be sent to them you'll be certain to make best use of the web traffic your advertising generates.

To find out more about HARBOUR® base ATS, get in touch.

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HARBOUR® ATS - engage

HARBOUR® ATS - engage

Perhaps you have a clear idea of what you'll need from an ATS right from day one, whether because you've done your homework or because you're coming to the end of a contract with another ATS vendor and have had enough of the past 3 years' of frustration. You know that having the potential to build up a speculative applicant pool to directly source your own already engaged candidates makes for great potential ROI – assuming the system is intuitive and easy to work with rather than battle against.

HARBOUR® engage ATS will give your businesses all the tools you need to operate your recruitment effectively and efficiently – even down to offering applicants the option of getting updated through SMS to speed up the process even further. And if you have been using some other ATS – well, we're confident that as well as probably making a very healthy financial saving you'll be amazed how our approach means those "why doesn't it just...!!!" frustrations should be a thing of the past.

To find out more about HARBOUR® engage ATS, get in touch.

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HARBOUR® ATS - complete

HARBOUR® ATS - complete

Many organisations have intranet or extranet facilities where staff interact, stay in touch or else simply utilise as a key resource point. It makes sense to utilise that and ensure that internal audience is kept informed of opportunities, along the way improving retention through staff progression as well as further reducing cost per hire through effectively tapping the internal talent market. HARBOUR® complete ATS provides that internal job board as well as helping differentiate between internal and external candidate profiles and associated actions.

We can also build XML feeds to any job boards where you have contracts – making the job posting process all the even swifter.

To find out more about HARBOUR® complete ATS, get in touch.

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HARBOUR® ATS - enhanced

HARBOUR® ATS - enhanced

For larger organisations with a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) of Recruitment Consultants, successful management of the recruitment process can only be attained where all sources of candidates are channelled into one facility. HARBOUR® enhanced ATS allows you to manage what roles when are passed for PSL consideration and potential candidate submission, through your PSL portal – providing a clear tracking of PSL candidates and PSL performance, also checking candidates for any previous system history.

And as staying in touch with candidates who have expressed an interest is the best way to establish and re-enforce your employer brand you’ll have an ezine publishing facility at your disposal for producing regular updates on what you’re up to. This helps ensure that when that "perfect job" comes up through a job alert, you’ve been building your employer or choice profile so are more likely to draw that informed and motivated application.

To find out more about HARBOUR® enhanced ATS, get in touch.

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Which might be right for you?

  • instant

    HARBOUR® instant ATS

    An entry-level but still very comprehensive product, probably best suited to SMEs without an ATS in place. read more

  • campaign

    HARBOUR® campaign ATS

    Ideal for a company wanting to dip their toe into the ATS water - or if you have an urgent requirement. read more

  • base

    HARBOUR® base ATS

    Modest but consistent recruitment requirement - but want something that will grow with you? read more

  • engage

    HARBOUR® engage ATS

    Have a clear idea of what an ATS can do for you & want to start building up speculative applicants? read more

  • complete

    HARBOUR® complete ATS

    As an established medium-large business you know all about tapping internal talent - let's create a job board on your intranet. read more

  • enhanced

    HARBOUR® enhanced ATS

    Ezine publishing to maintain a constant employer brand presence, plus PSL integration. read more